About Us

Oklahoman Born, Oklahoman Proud

We provide down to the ground grassroots excellence and professionalism to both our clients and the sooner state!

Veteran Experience

Our company and associates bring over 40 years of experience with them every day of the year for your benefit!

State of the Art

With our integrated system, dedicated I.T. team, and the most advanced technology available we bring everything to the table for a complete solution!

Our History and Our Future

Founded in 1983 American Recovery Specialists, inc. Which is also known simply as “ARS” has become Oklahoma’s largest collateral recovery agency, and quickly grew to the largest recovery agency in the southwest region of the United States. Since our founding we have provided professional, covert, and premium recovery over a very broad spectrum. This is in part due to our wonderful staff of adjusters, drivers, and customer service representatives.

Our application of industry leading technologies has pushed to a lead position in the industry, With our integrated technologies such as The Professional Repossessors Interactive Operating System, PRIOS we are able to provide full concierge levels of service to our clients. In addition to PRIOS we run our own in house locksmithing service, and we can cover expenses on behalf of our clients.

As ARS enters a new phase of growth we have brought in our own technology team to collaborate with the system and our clients, as well as bring industry leading standards in security and redundancy to our business. We strive to set the benchmark and to become the leader in forward thinking recovery within the recovery industry.

Our Facilities and Security

At American Recovery Services we take our client’s security and sense of well being with utmost importance and attention. You will find fully secured premises at all of our holding locations which are all fully lit and provide 24/7 camera surveillance. Every day your collateral is cared for as if it was our own and every day we ensure our lot safety and security.

Beyond lot security we also employ the highest industry standards to protect your information. Our I.T. team works tirelessly to ensure network security and to ward off any sort of breach, In the age of attacks like Heartbleed and Cryptolocker, among others you can rest assured that our facility will be proactively protected.

As we grow and face new challenges we raise the bar and adjust ourselves to provide our clients wit the best possible service, protection, and coverage for their collateral. With our standards of excellence we serve the recovery industry with pride.

All of these steps and more are leading ARS into the future of collateral recovery. It is part of our mission statement . At ARS we are built for the road ahead.