Technologically Advanced



Technology is the future, at American Recovery Specialists our software and recovery vehicles are the cutting edge of the recovery industry, from cloud connectivity to encryption, and navigation we are equipped to handle your information securely and efficiently.



Future Proof

Technology is constantly evolving and with American Recovery Specialists and PRIOS we can ensure there are no growing pains. Designed with care the PRIOS web portal evolves and changes so you don’t have to, bridging the gap between today and the future seamlessly.


All accounts are assigned, updated, processed, and billed through the Professional Repossessors Interactive Operating System (PRIOS). This secure web based portal offers customizable account access with an encrypted connection keeping your and your customer’s information secure 24/7.



PRIOS enables the entry of new information, instructions, updates, condition reports, and access to invoices from the convenience of wherever you are. This allows both you and our agents to keep accounts updated around the clock, offering unprecedented scalability, security, and support.